Who would have thought?

We have house hippos—like that old Telus commercial.

They both reside in the kitchen at the moment: one with baking pans, and one on the high shelf.


And then in other news, we have a new 3D printer: the Ender 5, I think.  I got a print of a rolling hedgehog for giggles.

But wait!  What if you put the two of these together?  So I went on Thingiverse, the widest repository of 3D printer models I’ve been able to find (please enlighten me if there are better ones).  I typed in <hippo>, thinking to add some different little chubby guys to the collection.  Lo, and behold, there was many little hippos just waiting to join our bloat (that’s what a group of hippos is called).  And to make things even better, within the search results there was an actual House Hippo (technically, three hippos and one house).  How can you beat that?

picture of two hippos coming out of a small house

So that’s the plan for the day—print me some house hippos.

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