Popcorn Power Showers

This is the new weather-related term I learned today.

Further up Vancouver Island and the west coast today, and for the next few days, there will be quite a bit of weather.  Rain and thunderstorms and wind, oh my!

I don’t usually follow the weather—I just look out the window.  But it came across my newsfeed today, so I watched the video.  You can only watch the video from this link because technology.

While I was watching but not particularly paying rapt attention, I heard something I’ve never heard before: Popcorn Power Showers.  Wha?

See how it looks like popcorn?  And the majority of little “blips” have red centres, indicating heavy rain.  If you live on the west coast you might already understand the concept: one minute the sky is relatively clear, the next it’s pouring with rain so hard that you can barely see down the street. Surprise!


And now we know what it’s called!

If you google the term, you get varied results, from shower curtains with popcorn on them, to Urban Dictionary definitions that raise an eyebrow for me.  However, WeatherWatch12 in Wisconsin, helps us out with some more information and some pretty pictures.  Thanks!

So, while it’s “just” heavily raining in Victoria now, at least I learned a new thing.

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